School NewsMay 15, 2020

— updated Jun 3, 2021

Rallying to support students affected by COVID-19

As travel shut down in the U.S. this spring, many of our students struggled to find ways home. Two of their classmates acted quickly to support them and the impact has been broad-ranging.

The Community Action Fund

As Miss Hall’s responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, two of the fastest to act were Cailyn Tetteh ’22 and Truc Hoang ’22, who proposed a relief fund to help friends struggling to adjust travel plans as the virus spread across the U.S. They articulated a vision of contributing boldly and creatively to the common good by banding together — individual student contributions and class gifts, plus support from MHS alumnae, family, and friends — to make a direct impact on the lives of students, right now.

Paula Lima Jones

Following the lead of our amazing students, we are proud to establish the Community Action Fund, adjacent to the Annual Fund for MHS, to address needs that arise within our family, faculty, and staff community at this unprecedented time.

The Community Action Fund has enabled students to travel safely home, supplied technology for distance learning, and provided access to basics such as groceries, rent, and household items to MHS families in need.

The fund has also supported professional development for faculty as they reimagine their teaching for distance learning, provided funds to help with unanticipated financial hardship caused by COVID-19, and offered relief for those most vulnerable in our broader Berkshires community, as part of the MHS commitment to the common good.

$86,339.03 raised so far

As of March 4, 2021, we have raised $86,339.03 and distributed 83 grants to our community.

How to apply

Current members of the Miss Hall's community -- students, families, faculty, and staff -- experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 are encouraged to apply for support. Funding support can be requested by emailing

In your email, please include:

  • The need you are requesting funding for and the amount you are requesting
  • Explain the financial hardship you are experiencing due to COVID
  • Other additional or previous resources you have sought assistance from
  • If under 18 years of age, your parent/family member on the email.
  • The name of your or your student's advisor.

How to give

During this time when so much is unknown, we are each determining the best course of action for ourselves, our families, and our wider communities. In the true spirit of Miss Hall’s School, our students have shown us the power in caring for each other, and the benefits of being generous with ourselves and others as we navigate this changing landscape.

Gifts designated to the Community Action Fund provide operational resources for the Community Action Fund Committee to allocate as needed, including:

  • Assistance to students/families burdened by the costs of traveling home,
  • Support to keep the students on campus, or in homestay situations, safe and healthy,
  • Professional development for faculty as they reimagine their teaching for distance learning,
  • Increased ability for students and faculty to engage fully in distance learning (e.g. computers and technology related to remote access)
  • Funds to help with unanticipated financial hardship caused by COVID-19,
  • Relief for those most vulnerable in our broader Berkshires community, as part of the MHS commitment to the common good.

And now is a great time to give! The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act – the CARES Act, as it is informally known – includes two legislative provisions designed to encourage charitable giving. The first allows for the deduction of up to $300 in giving this year, whether the taxpayer itemizes their taxes or not. The second raises the deduction from 60% to 100% of charitable giving for those who itemize in 2020, relative to adjusted gross income.

Thank you in advance for designating the Community Action Fund on our online giving form. Every gift, big or small, will lift our community up!

Community Action Fund donors

Ellen L. Abbott
Robert J. Aldrich
Anonymous - In Honor of the Class of 2021
Mary K. Atwood
Nancy E. Ault
James Barnes
Sabine Bartlett
Rev. Timothy Berg
Bicknell Fund
Tom Boino
Kimberly B. Boland
NancyLou Borges
Janet Boyer
Anne A. Brainard
Amber Braman
Matthew Braman
James & Susan Briggs - Fairbanks Family Charitable Foundation
Elizabeth Burbank
Brendan Burke
Lee K. Carbonelli
Carleen A. Carmel
Calvin Chen & Ping Shu
Sheila H. Childs
Susan Chollet
Jodi Cilli
Marianne Clark
Lori Thaler-Cohen and Rob Cohen
Mary Sue Colaizzi
Merritt Colaizzi
Lexi Conine
Diana L. Conway
Rebecca Cook-Dubin
Sabrina Correia
Aurelie Cressin
Jeffrey Crosier
Donna Daigle
Susan E. Danish
Okichie M. Davis
Susan L. Dick
Daphne E. Dickson
Hope Dillard
Hong Dinh & Lam Hoang
Jennifer L. Ely
Mary Rawson Foreman-Rorrer
Edward & Lorraine Forfa
Barbara Fox
Caroline Frazer
Crystel Frusciente
Wendy Goodwin
Comfort Gordinier
Matthew J. Grallert
LeVaun Graulty
Alexa R. Green
Carolyn Green
Rebecca A. Hajjar
Bruce Harley & Mieke Kohl
Laura H. Harris
Courtney Hatch Blauvelt
Joselyn Hearring
George & Carla Heaton
Julia N. Heaton
Christie Higuera & Ricky Kovacs
Christopher Himes
Howard & Katharyn Hoke
Jennifer R. Hudson
Meredith S. Hulse
Rachel Jingst
Beryl Jolly
Jane S. Joukowsky
Tanya Kalischer
Diana & C.A. Kalman
Jennifer D. Kerwood
Charlotte R. Ketchum
Cheryl Killeen
Kimberly C. Kinne
Olivia Kinne
Stacy Kirk
Gale Kirkwood
Amanda Klay
Ellen B. Kritzman
Elizabeth Kruidenier
Julie Krzanik
Liz Kulze
Christopher LaBlanc
Victoria L. Larson
Adrienne E. Lazes
Paula Lima Jones
Gail E. Lintern
Abigail Linton
Craig & Julie Lombardi
Marissa L. Lowe
Karen Lrhazi
Jim Lyman
Wendy C. Mackey
Ingrid H. Maclean
Ryan Malumphy
Jacqueline B. Mars
Gabrielle D. Matus
MHS Garment and Textile Design Class
Roger and Natalie Matus - Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc
Fay McGeary
Nina K. Merrill
Tsega Meshesha
Richard & Kristy Methe
Edilizon Monteiro
Quanishia Mosley
Lois Moulton
Josephine Nicholson
Michael Norton
Beth O'Connor
Susan P. O'Day
Rochelle M. O'Gorman
Kris Pavek
Matt Pocock
Jonathan and Amy Poorvu
Emerald Power
Emily Pulfer-Terino
Bill & Carol Puz
Christiane Puz
Dongsheng Qin & Yuemin Liang
Clara Read
Erica A. Richardson
Emma Rivera
Darcey E. Robinson
Paula Rodstrom
Allison Romeo
Savanah Romeo
Marian Rutledge
Robert Sanzone
Julie Schutzman
Richard Scullin
Kyle Smith
David Smith
Shelia Carey Smith
Erica L. Solari
Darcie Sosa
Stacey K. Sotirhos
Lauren L. Stair
Holly P. Stover
Sarah R. Straley
Sallie B. Stutz
Leah C. Sullivan
Christopher Tawes
Helen Telfer
Robin & Michael Tesoro
Patricia L. Thatcher
Hannah Van Sickle
Brett Veazie
Lisa & Doug Vierthaler
Sarah P. Virden
Maressa L. Waber
Ellen Webster - Schwab Charitable Fund
Lynelle I. Weaver
Marcia Whitney - Charles R. Whitney Foundation
Virginia E. Wickwire
Suzanne Wilson
Robin E. Woods
Xin Yuan
Yiyan Zhou
Chris Ziegler
Katharine Zins